Our Pledge
This is Our Pledge to You:

We Connect You is committed to develop policies to guarantee that it will provide its customers with up-to-date, stable, reasonably priced solutions and support. Simply put, it is our goal to provide all levels of users with the ultimate product in all aspects.

Policy #1 Taking Responsibility:

Where possible, we will be providing customers with a "turn key" solution. We will provide hardware, products, system setup and training. This will mean that we cannot push responsibility for problems to others - we will be responsible for the whole system. Where the customer chooses to provide the hardware or system setup, if there are problems that cannot be resolved which prevent our solutions from functioning we will offer prompt refunds.

Policy #2 Support Responsiveness:

We will offer technical support for our technology solutions and attempt to resolve any issues or problems on the same business day, our goal being to come up with an effective solution within two hours. If this is not possible, we will keep the customer informed as to the status of their situation. Qualified support staff will be hired and fully trained in all aspects of our service and kept updated on the current technologies in order to keep this pledge.

Policy #3 Testing 

We are committed to selling solutions that are stable and performs as we say it does. To this end we will rigorously test our equipment. We will create a comprehensive testing guideline that we will strictly adhere to. Testing will be considered as important as product development and marketing.

Policy #4 Pricing:

Our goal is to provide the best solutions, installs and support to satisfy the customer needs at an acceptable price. We will establish our prices based on the value of our services. We will not get into "price-wars" with cut-rate competitors, as this type of competition leads to an overall degradation of quality.

Policy #5 Appropriate Technologies:

We will make use of appropriate technologies. We will avoid using "bleeding edge" technologies but will strive to understand them so that as these technologies become stable we will be able to put them to good use.

Policy #6 Controlled Growth:

We acknowledge that with every sale made we are making a commitment to the customer. The customer has a right to expect us to continue to upgrade and improve our products and be available to support our products. In order to fulfill this commitment we must control the growth of the We Connect You Technology Company. Too often companies become committed to growth and new customers become more important than old customers. We will control the growth of our Company so that problem will not arise.

Policy #7 Maintain Customer Contact:

We will stay in touch with our customers, their industries and their problems. We will do this through personal contacts and through a dynamic web site that will keep customers informed and allow them to contact us with ease.


Contact: webmaster@wcyou.com

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